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"They were such a disaster, the two of them together, and yet they devoured the pain they gave each other like a drug…"
- Of Love and Loathing by obsessionisthenewblack / Sapphire Smoke
Abstraction of Written in Scars - a SQ comic by themuseaddict.tumblr / FitzKalliope85
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"You beat me! This is your first time playing this game and you beat me! I never lose at this game!"
*chuckles* “Oh do pick your jaw up off the floor Miss Swan.” and then Regina closes Emma’s mouth for her with a kiss.
Headcanon where Emma teaches Regina how to play a video game but Regina just gets ridiculously lucky smashing the buttons and wins.
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Hi guys :) We’re trying to find some people in the ouat fandom, who really love fanart, to help us. 

Because we work in other blogs and tumblr accounts, we don’t have time enough to give ouat-art all the time it deserves.

So, if you want to collaborate, please send us a MP and just tell us why do you what to be a part of our team.

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Aurora tries to wipe off the dirt on Mulan’s face
Nope, I am not drowning myself in Sleeping Warrior fics.. definitely not.
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Regina Mills by ~LucyRedfield
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fanart idea: belle tackle hugging ruby when she returns, then immediately scolding her for disappearing


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